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The 2016 light display is finished for this Christmas lighting season I want to thank all the families that made this...

Posted by Neatlights on Monday, January 2, 2017

It's with extreme sadness that I must cancel the Carrollight's Christmas Display effective this Christmas 2018.

The wife and I discussed this and we both agreed on the same things

We do this for the concerned safety of the families that have made this display part of their Christmas tradition. I have thought this over for many years since Michael passed away.

I have talked to many people saying they don't feel comfortable sitting outside the house that's why many have stopped attending.

The Wheeling Police Department offered more drive by's when the light display is on but I do not want more work for the men and women of the Police department, they are busy enough as it is.

Also, the display gets vandalized more and more which I have never brought to any ones attention, and last year after taking down the lights and testing them before storing them for the next year half of the light strands were cut and bulb sockets were ripped from the cord.... that's when I said....Done!

I want to personally thank everybody who supported our Light Display by spending some of their Christmas Holiday with us since 2007,

It's sad that the only reason I must stop this is because of selected people who live in our neighborhood who cannot respect other people and there properties and the ever growing concern for the safety of the families that visit the Light Display.

I considered moving the display to a new location but 
m not really wanting to do that, If what we did was easy, everybody would do it and the time involved just to configure the new network would take me a month alone. and I been at this since 2007 so I can say I'm an expert at this

"If" I do move the display I will let you know

Please Click the banner below to be taken to Michael's Project, His dream is for every child diagnosed with cancer get a stress toy that Michael created to help them cope with their sickness, It has turned into quite an amazing project, Christmas is the time for giving and giving a "Meanie" to a child that helps them understand why they are sick, what better gift is that, (besides total and complete remission)

I get people wanting to make a donation to the Light Display so every penny donated here or in person will go to Michael's Meanies which goes to providing Children and their Hospitals with Meanies, To a child with cancer a Meanie is always free, we never charge a Hospital or Organization for the Meanies, we even pay for shipping If you would like to find out more information please check out Michael's dream,
thank you

What's Happening Now on Michael's Meanies Facebook Page, you can read all the posts by scrolling on the right of the Facebook Screen

"It Was Michael's Idea For Me To Do The Synchronized Light Display" (read about it on the How It Started page of this website)

Thank You,

The Carroll Family



What's Happening Now on our Facebook Page, you can read all the posts by scrolling on the right of the Facebook Screen

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Here is the Featured Video for the 2013 Season

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