The Light Show is Dedicated to our son Michael, who passed away on July 3rd, 2014 at 2:15am due to complications from his Stage IV brain tumor, Michael fought a courageous battle (he was 17). It was his idea for me to do the Light Show back in 2006, so I will continue in his memory, as painful as it will be for me to do so, The Lights Stay ON, I Lost My Only Child To Cancer, I Refuse To Let Cancer Take My Christmas Spirit Away Too - Paul Carroll.......


                                                                      "All Year Long"

     The Light Show is Dedicated to our son Michael

Please Click the banner below to be taken to Michael's Project, His dream is for every child diagnosed with cancer get a stress toy that Michael created to help them cope with their sickness, It has turned into quite an amazing project, Christmas is the time for giving and giving a "Meanie" to a child that helps them understand why they are sick, what better gift is that, (besides total and complete remission)

Every penny donated to Michael's Meanies goes to providing Children and their Hospitals with Meanies, To a child with cancer a Meanie is always free, we never charge a Hospital or Organization for the Meanies, we even pay for shipping If you would like to find out more information please check out Michael's dream,
thank you

And if you "Like" Facebook Michael's Meanies is there too! just click the banner and Facebook will open (no facebook account needed)

"I Lost My Only Child To Cancer, I Refuse To Let Cancer Take My Christmas Spirit Away Too - Paul Carroll"

Thank You,

The Carroll Family


Here is what I am doing for the 2014 Carrollights Light Show! (check the 2014 Progress page for more information)

I have completed 3 new songs before Michael passed away so I will be adding them to the Light Show, I have Doug from Wire Frame D'Lites constructing my sons Meanies to be added to this years display

What's on that RGB Display Screen I can't see in the videos?  This page will show the videos for what's playing on that screen. 

I am now posting the pictures from all of the years of doing the lights on my Neatlights Facebook page, just click the "pictures" page on this website and I have the photos embedded there (no Facebook account needed to see the picture)



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Here is the Featured Video for the 2013 Season

This is a request from Michael, He asked me to do this song to lights

actually the more I listen to it, the more I like it

..Below you can play all the videos from every year without starting each song (playlist fashion)





Weather Today in Wheeling

We are not paid by the below banner company, I purchased the New and Old Testament from them and I thought I would share my experience, I love the way this bible came to life with great acting and sound effects.

Thanks for checking in,

Paul Carroll

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