"All Year Long"

I want to thank everybody for taking some of their time during the

2013 Christmas Season watching the lights.

This was the best lighting season for attendance, we seen more cars than ever before. There were times it looked like a drive-in movie the way the cars lined up along side the house.

Lord willing we will do it again in 2014

Thank You,

The Carroll Family

January 1st, 2014

(NEW) What's on that RGB Display Screen I can't see in the videos?  This page will show the videos for what's playing on that screen.


All 2013 Videos are posted,


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Here is the Featured Video for the 2013 Season

This is a request from Michael, He asked me to do this song to lights

actually the more I listen to it, the more I like it

..Below you can play all the videos from every year without starting each song (playlist fashion)







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Paul Carroll


We are not paid by the below banner company, I purchased the New and Old Testament from them and I thought I would share my experience, I love the way this bible came to life with great acting and sound effects.